What is the East Sussex Cyclists' Touring Club?

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The East Sussex Cyclists' Touring Club is a Local Group of Cycling UK - the UK's national cyclists' organisation.
(Cycling UK is a trading name of the Cyclists' Touring Club.)

The local club exists to organise rides and special events for Cycling UK members in the East Sussex Area.  However, anyone may come along to try out Club riding or take part in one of our events, we simply ask that after 3 or 4 rides, if you are not already a member, then you join Cycling UK, since membership gives you third party liability insurance and free legal aid for cycle related matters - we hope you never need it, but it's good to know it's there!

The local group consists of people from a wide spectrum of backgrounds but with a common interest - CYCLING. We are a touring Club, not a racing one, and everyone is welcome whatever their ability or age - though we do ask younger riders (under 16) to bring an adult along. We offer the opportunity to ride in company, to explore some of the less well known parts of our area, and to enable you to meet others with an interest in cycling & the outdoors. East Sussex has several subsidiary groups - to find out more about them and their activities
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If you are thinking of coming out but are new to cycling or club riding it is a good idea to check with the relevant Secretary as to the suitability of a particular ride, especially if you have not done much cycling in the past.


Free third party liability insurance.          Free legal aid on cycling matters.

Discounts for members at some cycling & outdoor retailers, plus others - see Cycling UK website for details.

Bi-monthly Magazine.               Touring information - at home and abroad.

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Bi-monthly Newsletter and list of forthcoming rides & events, with reports on what the Group & Section members have been doing. This is available on the Website and a copy of the printed list can also be downloaded.   Click here to go to rides page.

Twice yearly magazine "The Coaster", with articles on tours & other activities.  
NOW DISCONTINUED - but old copies are slowly being scanned and added to the
online archive.

East Sussex Jerseys and badges - click here for jerseys - contact Ann Rix for badges, see contacts page.

Affiliated to SUSTRANS, the cyclepath charity
(see Cyclists Rights -
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